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Job Haines Home and the Arthritis Foundation Host an Exercise Program.
The Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program is a community-based group exercise program that uses gentle activities to help those who have joint, and/or muscle problems achieve improved joint mobility, muscle strength and increase overall stamina. One of the main goals of the program is to increase participant’s awareness of arthritis exercise principles, joint protection principles and relaxation techniques. It will also provide participants with methods for incorporating these self-care skills into the home environment. Participants may perform the exercises seated or use a chair or assistive device (walker, cane) during the class.

The class is taught by a certified instructor and conducted in accordance with the guidelines established by the National Arthritis Foundation.
The next program will run for 8 consecutive weeks starting in the fall.

Intergenerational Program
The Ridgewood Avenue School located in Glen Ridge, New Jersey recently setup a new community service project for third graders under the Character Education Program. Six classes from the third grade came to Job Haines Home one class per week for six weeks where they played games, did arts and crafts, sang and had snacks with the residents. The students and our residents had a great time together. The project turned out to be very successful and our residents are looking forward to doing this again.


  "We are most grateful for the wonderful treatment and care my mother received while a resident at Job Haines Home. You have a very dedicated and hard working staff who were always ready to assist us in any way they could. Mom always spoke very highly of the people who cared for her. She had many enjoyable and happy times because of them. There are few nursing homes that equal the high standards of your facility. We were most fortunate when we found Job Haines Home. Please share our gratitude with your terrific staff".

Marie H., Daughter

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